Reflections of a 20-Something

Rather than mark the days off on a calendar
I note the yellow hue on old pictures of my parents
I ask how much Daniel’s grown and make a mental note of the inches left between the door frames and his head
I notice how my mom’s newest wrinkles pop and fade – how they depend on what she’s saying and how she’s saying it
I see my dad’s hair – thinning, receding – and realize he’s blinks away from looking like his own father
I learn that the fingers on one hand are the number of years I haven’t seen Hector without facial hair
I’m invited to weddings
I read about deaths
I see pictures of babies
I celebrate current successes and listen to future plans
But I also watch as we build ourselves up like seaside cliffs
So that time may slowly, eventually
Wear us down like the waves that bruise and kiss those rocks


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