My yoga instructor is encouraging us to find nirvana this month – little pockets of happiness that bring peace and mindfulness.
For me, nirvana isn’t far from where I live. It’s in a small lake that’s fringed by brick roads and trees that have a tendency to lean to the left, as if, long ago, a strong wind forced them in that direction while they were saplings. Brave ducks explore the depths while graceful cranes stick close to the shore. The water is in constant flux. Ripples radiate from the center and gradually reach me, all the while playing with shadows and sunlight – a shifting and beautiful illusion.
It’s as close to nature as I can get on short notice and in a city that’s growing as rapidly as the children that I teach. And even though cars constantly rumble by on the brick roads, there’s peace to be found in the way the Spanish moss sways in the breeze, or how a spider’s web glints in the late afternoon sun, or how the branches of my favorite most left-leaning tree reach into the lake like fingers dipping into water.
It’s not the scrubbing cleanliness that only wild things can offer, but it washes the anxieties out of the creases of my skin.


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