Homemade twinkle lights
expertly welded in the backyard
shine miles above a turquoise pool
The smoke from torchlit cigars
mingles with our breaths and
settles into our layers of sweaters and coats
A cold January night

The same lights beam down on us
and a blue-and-white mosaic hookah
with flower-printed hoses
Coconut-scented coals and good conversation
chased with good company and strong drinks
A warm evening in May

Boxes and bubble wrap are the wooden table’s new centerpiece
an early Christmas
The lights are of and the windows are open
but the day promises rain
Still, there are
updates and gossip
shorts and off-shoulder tops
turkey burgers and pretty cocktails
A cloudy afternoon in June

A hand extended throughout the seasons
A home opened during the loneliest of times
New memories and friendships
for an ever-growing heart


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